" Facebook Killed the Private Life "

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You live your life online -- and anyone can read it. Should employers be able to troll your Facebook or MySpace page? Or should everything that you put online be accessible to anyone, anywhere? With increasingly popular social networking sites aggregating unprecedented volumes of personal data, the age-old issue of online privacy is once again rearing its ugly head. We ask NYU professor and social networking expert Clay Shirky (watch the full interview with Clay Shirky here) where to draw the line between personal and public online.

"I always had that question and never got the answer for that , why does a company gives you a free and unlimited account such as an Email in Yahoo , MSN , etc 
if you want to buy 80 GIG hard drive you should pay couple of hundred $ now how come you have all these for free ? where are all these billions of bytes go ? where are they ? are they savd ? how can you remove it ? isn't your Email , private ? I always feel that if i'm writing an Email , I'm writing it to someone else ( the server ) and it saves there then a copy of it goes to the other side ( isn't it true) . Who is the owner of yahoo ? where is that? where is their data stored ? is that in a safe place ? whatabout MSN ? Facebook ? having a small website costs you alot in a year now imagime having MSN or yahoo !! 
would someone please answere these ? " - from agharazi

I know it's an old video. Re-upload again for sharing the issue :)

Credits to: SwitchedShow @ youtube. Re-upload by : Ds Khairunnisa Ismail , University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur


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