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Assalamualaikum , peace be upon you.

I'm really _____ (speechless) with my new schedule :( . Seem I selected -most of my subjects are bit different with *others.

Here my selected subjects for this semester:

1. Professional Writing in English
> I got a Group 8 while the *others got a Group 3 & 9. I'm ALONE & surrounding with my ***APIDS's junior.    

2. Pengantar Psikologi
> 1st, *we agreed to take "Psikologi Dakwah" but it was not open yet for this sem). Then, some of us suggest to take "Pembangunan Masjid", but I prefer to take "Pengantar Psikologi" seem it's a bit similar with the 1st choice. But, they said they want to select "Pembangunan Masjid". Again, where on earth I just ignore their choice & "go on" with my own choice. I really don't realize that I will attend a different class !!   

3. Pengantar Syariah
> For this, I don't know yet because some of *them **still considering about it. But, I'm really sure that some of us will not going to drop this subject.

4. Fiqh Mu'amalat
> Well, this subject is NO Problem.

5. Al-Qiyas
> Some of *us really want to select this subject according to what we just decided. But, I didn't saw one of them attend the class yesterday. So, seem *they **still considering about it too.

6. Pemikiran Politik Islam Perbandingan

7. Pentadbiran & Dasar Awam Malaysia

All of *us certainly will take both of these subjects. No one will drop it hehe.  


I admit that I still can change my subject & select the same subject like *them. But, those subjects that I just mentioned above are what I really need to learn for this semester. I don't pretend that I can study alone without *them. I love to discuss with *them especially the critical subject. But, I don't know why my heart just want to keep going with my own selection.  

Then, I realize I should start to be more confident & more independent than other people. I still feeling a bit awkward with my new life-style since I live in rent-house (start this semester). 

But.. am I really in a different path of them? nahhh.. I guess, no. hehe. Because, as for me, we still in the same boat , on the way to achieve Allah's pleasure.

 I believe, Allah will not waste his servants according to what HE said in Surah Ar-Ra'd : 11 which means:

"For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts. But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect."

Note 1: I still try so hard to face it >_< .. dayang.. hwaiting!!

Note 2: Ahh.. I still don't have any idea what kind of design will suit it better for my new "assignment" :(

Note 3: Erk.. I just lost my OLD COMMENTS in this blog!! :(

Note 4: (*) symbol:
(*) refer to 2nd year's student of Islamic Political Science.

(**) still considering : because this is a week of "Add & Drop" subject. So, we still have time to drop any subject that we won't prefer to take & ADD other subject.

(***) APIDS : Akademi Pengajian Islam & Sains

p/s: you can connect with me by twitter hehe http://twitter.com/ds_khairunnisa

- Dg Siti Khairunnisa bt Ismail Lamo
- Universiti of Malaya, KL, Malaysia


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