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╰☆╮Back to CAMPUS ╰☆╮

Bicara hari pertama kuliah.

(_ _)~ semester yang penuh dengan aksi mendebarkan... 

actually, I'm completely "clueless". Last sem, I'm really have a full confident to arrange my schedule. But, in this month (June), I don't know how many time I've been "down". I don't know how many people get disappointed. Until I'm afraid to imagine the colors of my future life. What it will be?  

However, I'm really really really glad to have a Great GOD, the ONLY one in my heart, who always love me more than other, a FRIEND who always comfort & support me, a family who always pray for me. Really thankfully that I've them. Thank you.

Then, here my FOCUS for my 3rd semester  :
[T.A.K.E] Driving licence
[L.E.A.R.N] Adobe Illustrator *sigh* (Sis Azlina Awang, please take a note hehe)
 [W.O.R.K] My World of Multimedia (even I'm a Islamic Political Science student)
[L.O.V.E] All my cute junior from Borneo
 [O.F.F.E.R] I should learn how to refuse the "outside job" ( but I really want to collect my own money =( )
[F.U.T.U.R.E] In this age (22 years old) , am I suppose + begin to think about it ? 
 [REMINDER] my responsibility [as an a'bid] to my GREAT Creature + [as a daughter] to my own & precious family + [as a student] to my studies + [as a becoming wife] to my destiny husband (?) (erk.. even I don't know who. I'm still single hehe) and [as a God's soldier] to ummah

hopefully ~ God's willing .. inshaAllah 

p/s: now you can connect with me by twitter hehe http://twitter.com/ds_khairunnisa
- Dg Siti Khairunnisa bt Ismail Lamo
- Universiti Malaya, KL, Malaysia

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