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Mood : T_T

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Mood hari ni, seperti dalam gambar yang saya edit di atas ^

-> Assalamualaikum.

-> Harap semua pengunjung sihat ( tetiba formal T_T ) .

-> Hope, semuanya dah cakna tentang saudara-saudara kita di GAZA & ambil tindakan apa pun cara nya *_*

-> Saya dapat banyak kerja .. you can describe it as my future opportunity but ...~ (speechless)

-> Jadi, sebelum berpindah ke blog lain yang lebih bermanfaat & menarik, tolong doakan saya :

1. Rajin

2. Dapat banyak idea nak design itu & ini

3. Ikhlas kerana Allah 

p/s: hope my clients didnt read this entry or ~ T_T .. huk huk~

- Dg Siti Khairunnisa bt Ismail Lamo
- Universiti Malaya, KL, Malaysia

Are you really care to our brothers & sisters in GAZA??

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They care & we (also) MUST care . Take steps forward about it.  Don't know how? hey, THINKS with your precious brain. If you really can't think, nah~ then you must "brain-wash" it again with ALLAH REMINDER .. you will find something to do to help our sisters & brothers in GAZA.

You have a pen? Write about it

You have a blog? post about it

so then, Ummah all around the WORLD will realize & care to take steps forward about it with you & me.

If you have a huge of army~ dont ask me what to do cause I'll punch you >< . 

1. (Video) Demonstrasi Anti Zionis di depan Rumah Putih.

2. (Video) Demonstrasi Anti Zionis di New York.

3. (Video) Rakyat Turki Berang Menyerbu Kedutaan Israel di Istanbul

4. (Video) Protes Serangan Rejim Zionis Terhadap Kapal Mavi Marmara di London.

Malaysia will do what?? Just publish it in newspapers & TV are not enough... cause "you" have power to do "something" big . We as commoners just can do what we "think" we can, but "you" always "stop" us & send us to "I.S.A", do "you" think we wanna waste our life in that "fool room" just to watch our brothers & sisters in GAZA got suffer?? SHAME YOURSELF!! (suddenly got mad- sorry)

THEY CARE , I CARE ... how about you? what will you do??

- Dg Siti Khairunnisa bt Ismail Lamo
- Universiti Malaya, KL, Malaysia


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